Bengaluru is also known as Bangalore. It is the capital of the state of Karnataka. It is a major IT city in the world.  The city has a long history of various dynasties ruling it including the Western Gangas, Cholas, and Hoysalas. Later, under the British rule, it became a major center for them.

Technologically advanced city: Bengaluru is also known as the Silicon Valley of India. Various major technology organizations, including Infosys, HAL, ISRO, Wipro, etc. have their headquarters in Bengaluru. Many important educational institutes and aerospace and defense organizations are also located in Bengaluru.


  • Location


Bengaluru is located at the heart of Mysore plateau. The city has many freshwater lakes and water tanks.


  • Climate


The climate in Bengaluru is tropical savanna and the city has a moderate climate throughout the year.


  • Languages spoken


The city is multilingual with Kannada being the major language. Other languages included Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, etc.


  • Beautiful city to roam all around


St. Mary’s Basilica is among the oldest churches in Karnataka. It was built, it the 17th century. Devanahalli Fort, Gandhi Bhavan, Lumbini Gardens, Nandi Temple, and Venkatappa Art Gallery are other popular tourist destinations.


  • Modern art scattered all over


National Gallery of Modern Art is the major art gallery in the city. Bengaluru is also the center for the Kannada Film Industry. Ravindra Kalakshetra and Ranga Shankara are some major theaters. Carnatic music is very popular in Bengaluru’s music scenes. The influences of western music have brought his own subculture of rock and jazz music in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru is also a major education center with a large number of medical and engineering colleges. The city is the largest contributor in India’s IT export. Cricket is the most popular sport. Football and tennis are other popular sports. The major tourist destinations in Bengaluru are Bannerghatta National Park, which is home to tigers and lions among other wild animals. Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace is popular tourist destination which has influences of Indo-Islamic architecture.