On a tour to the beautiful attractions of New York, Syracuse is not to be missed. Syracuse is the fifth most populous city in the state of New York. The beautiful city sustains over 170 parks, fields and recreation areas. A major research university, Syracuse University as well as a liberal arts college, Le Moyne College, is located in Syracuse.

The beautiful city is a home to zoo, parks, museums etc. Some of the attractions that should not be missed are:


  • Rosamond Gifford Zoo


The zoo is located at Burnet Park, Syracuse and is a home to various animals, including Asian elephants, Amur tigers, and African Lions and Humboldt penguins. It also supports an education center, gift shop and café. It is a fun place with friendly staff and fun set-up for the kids.

Address: 1 Conservation Pl, Syracuse, NY.


  • Erie Canal Museum


The beautiful historical museum preserves the National Register Weighlock Building. The museum offers a puppet show for entertainment purpose as well. The nonprofit corporation was founded in 1962. It provides as a good place for a vacation.  A friend who owns a roofing company in the south in Charlotte, https://www.southernstarroofing.com/  has long been fascinated with the Erie Canal waterway system and said the museum is amazing in terms of providing rich history and education about how the Erie Canal influenced trade and living in the 1800’s and early 1900’s. 

Address: 318 Erie Blvd E, Syracuse, NY.


  • Everson Museum of Art


The museum, located in Syracuse focuses on the American art. Famous art historian, George Fisk founded it in 1897. The museum consists of around 11000 art pieces, including videos, paintings and many more.

Address: 401 Harrison St, Syracuse, NY.


  • Onondaga Lake Park


The serene park is home to the Salt Museum, East shores recreation Trail, and the West shore trail and is located on the shores of the Onondaga Lake, west to the Syracuse city. The place serves as a tourist attraction because of the many activities offered by it like sporting competitions and festivals and Antiquefest, an annual event in July.

Address: 106 Lake Dr, Liverpool, NY.


  • Onondaga Historical Association


It is a museum which is devoted to the preservation of the history and customs of the Onondaga County, and provides an amazing collection of artifacts from its history.

Address: 321 Montgomery St, Syracuse, NY.