Vermont is the largest city and in fact the only city of any size which is situated in beautiful location near the Lake Champlain and under the skyline of Adirondack mountains, which is opposite the shore in New York city. This city is the most happening place on the earth where something or the other keeps on taking place. This city comprises of the University of Vermont, which gives a young vibe to the young generations. Along with this, there are lots of arts and cultural accomplishments that one can expect from the city.


  • Shelburne Museum


This place is located in the outskirts of Burlington, which offers large and open-air museum from various eras of Vermont’s past in the campus which at times does not pretend as the real village, however, each house is a barn and has shop activities of rural life of the time. There are 39 historic buildings, and a historic lake steamer SS Ticonderoga, which can be reached by rail to see the exceptional art.

Address: 6000 Shelburne Road, Shelburne, Vermont.


  • Lake Champlain Cruises


This place stretches in the north-south line between New York and Vermont with a little portion of Canada and North end. The place best sightseeing with narration on the Revolutionary War and various other periods is comprised of the lake’s history. There are boat excursions that starts from Burlington’s downtown docks consisted of various sailing cruises and private charters on classic sloop Friend Ship.

Address: Burlington Boat House, College Street, Burlington, Vermont.


  • Church Street Marketplace


The place is just four blocks long. It has immense of the short length action. There is a traffic light street where you can see the wide gatherings for several festivals and events. There are variety of café and restaurants creating the environment of Italian Pizza.

Address: Church Street, Burlington, Vermont.


  • ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center


This place is extremely beautiful and appealing to all the eyes. It explores a huge variety of species of frog from several parts of the earth and discovers the geology of the Basin and about the people who have stayed on the pace throughout the year. This place offers green buildings which give panoramic views of the lake and mountains.

Address: 1 College Street, Burlington.


  • Hudson Museum


This museum lies on campus of Collins Center for the Arts. The entire museum consisted of historical artifacts as well as the items from various cultures around the world. The museum shows Northwest coast art, 2,000 pre-Columbian ceramics, and 900 objects from the Maine Indians, various ceramic items from Native American cultures. The museum commences traveling, lectures, exhibits, and field trips for high school students and elementary students.

Address: 5746 Collins Center for the Arts Orono, ME 04469.